The full works. Financials, timeline and objectives setting, sourcing, scheduling, shortlisting, negotiation, paperwork, research, data analysis, and the fire-fighting (if any, haha!).  We will be there walking with you from pre-Day 0 and likely still be around Day +100 from completion.

The market has evolved over time. At present, for private properties, buyers typically do not pay commission. As the Buyer Agent, we will aim to co-broke with the Seller Agent. However, where we are unable to co-broke with the Seller Agent, we will inform, and if the buyer recognises value which he otherwise may not have been able to receive, he pays commission to the Buyer Agent. For HDB flats, our Buyer Agent fee is 1% + gst.

Other than the loan and downpayment, before you become the legal owner, stamp duty, conveyancing fee, mortgage/valuation fee, fire insurance and mortgage insurance. Thereafter, maintenance fee, property tax and mortgage.

Freehold properties are good for wealth preservation and leaving a legacy for future generations. However, all things equal, they are 15% to 25% pricier. 99-year leasehold properties are commonly found in locations with better accessibility. Due to their convenience and affordability, on balance, these are transacted more frequently.

Whether you should buy one or the other, would depend on your objectives and requirements, an exercise we will do together at the get-go.

We typically advise against buying for enbloc, and in lieu, advise treating it as a bonus. TBH, it is difficult to determine 100% the enbloc potential of a property, but some aspects to consider include :

  • Location 
  • Land area
  • Land utility
  • Total number of units


Choosing the right realtor to sell your home is the most important step to maximising the price achieved and minimising the time taken. Each client is taken through a systematic onboarding process, so you know what to expect and when to expect it. Surprises are nice, but with real estate transactions, none is usually best.

No, you don’t. The first consultation session is typically non-obligatory. While most clients did, we don’t expect everyone to immediately see the value at the first meeting. We’ll run through the aforementioned onboarding process, including leveling you up on the selling landscape, sharing the various marketing plans, and clarifying all concerns. We will be ready for you when you’re ready for us!

Our fee hinges on the breadth/depth of the marketing/selling strategy required. This will be explained thoroughly during the onboarding stage, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Of course! Unless yours is a shack along the street, all properties can sell in any market. We are selling your unit much before the first buyer walks through the doors. With our selling experience, coupled with the online and offline marketing campaigns we run, there are few (properties) that’ll fall outside our capabilities.

On the day of completion, you will typically receive a cashier’s order for the cash components. As for CPF refunds, it will take up to 14 days to be credited into the accounts.

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If you’re considering making a purchase, or wish to get a sense of the selling landscape, we would love to connect.