Whether you’re looking to transact on a forever home or an inflation-hedging investment property, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a multiple property owner, we know the process can be overwhelming in many ways.  

Add on the constantly evolving market, copious information to consume, contradicting opinions to assimilate, and countless listings to navigate, that equation gets more complicated.

We want to be the Buyer Agent who listens and aligns with your work ethics, while guiding you with integrity and professionalism towards the right property at the right price.

Discerning Return & Risk Management

Personalised Knowledge & Insights

Comprehensived Buyer Discovery

Step 1

Knowledge, Data Analysis and Risk Management

Knowing where you need to be, when that needs to happen, and how that ought to pan out is critical to picking The Right One. Leveraging our financial background to accurately assimilate available data, DHANES helps you blend your aspirations with our foresight.

We also share our knowledge wrt the buying process and market dynamics so you  better identify parameters such as price, location, size, etc..

Step 2

Efficient and Effective Buyer Discovery

Our team understands that arranging that viewing yourself may at times be more expedient, but trust us, being an appointment organiser while our forte too, isn’t our key value-add to you.

Viewing available options in a specific order, can go a long way in facilitating a “better buyer discovery process” and abridging your search. We also attend viewings with you to offer alternative perspectives as a Buyer Agent, on the back of our experience.

Step 3


At DHANES, we negotiate deals for a living. Daily. Enough said.

Step 4

Reliable One-stop Go-to

We pride on being your one-stop go-to for all things real estate, managing the journey before the search commences and not ceasing after you get the keys.  We are intentional around keeping abreast on all workstreams. ‘Cos we know no one is better placed to resolve any hiccups for you. We also offer you access to our network of competent industry professionals should you need them.


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Giving the traditional way of real estate advisory our own spin, we enable our clientele of today, optimise their decisions for the marketplace of tomorrow.